Meet the Staff

Kate Kefford

Kate has been working at St Hilda's School for the past seven years and has seen Technology become an ever increasing tool for 21st Century learning in the classroom. Kate recognises how technology and innovation can support and enhance traditional learning experiences and her use of new-media has led to greater engagement, more fun and, most importantly, the girls in her classes have become more accomplished, confident and technologically savvy learners.


Kate's belief in, and support of, embedding technology in the classroom has seen her write and publish iTunes U courses which have become a cornerstone of practice at St Hilda's. iTunes U is a wonderful way in which collaborative and individualised learning programs can be set up within school and beyond. Her recognition that Home-School partnerships play an ever increasing role in 21st Century learning has led to the consolidation of outstanding practice in the Junior School. However it is Kate's belief that Technology and Innovation must be used cautiously, and in ways which enhance, rather than replace, traditional pedagogical practice.