Digital Citizenship 

Technology enables students and teachers to facilitate learning so as to create exciting and engaging learning opportunities.  It also allows students to communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.  Providing them with blended learning experiences that improve student engagement and achievement through technology, curriculum design and innovative teaching methods.


Staff commence each year discussing our school’s expectations and appropriate use of technology with each of the girls.  The School continuously updates and reviews the effective use of digital technologies so as to ensure that our pedagogy and delivery incorporates contemporary approaches to teaching and learning.


At St Hilda’s School, we believe in treating our girls as responsible young adults. We have clear expectations of appropriate behaviour and have developed the following over arching principles that will guide our girls in becoming responsible digital citizens:












Each of these principals are addressed, expanded upon and discussed with our students throughout the year.


To further support our parent community, we have created some practical suggestions that provides clear advice in regards to the safe use of technology at home and makes specific reference to popular social media sites and apps.

2. Act with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope and Grace

1.Cause no Harm or Offence

3. Demonstrate Integrity and Respect

4. Accept Responsibility