Below are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our 1:1 iPad program. If you have a question that is not answered in this section, please feel free to ask the school.

“My child already has an iPad, can they use that iPad at school?”


Yes, as long as it a full size iPad 3 or newer! iPad Minis can no longer be part of our 1:1 program due to NAPLAN online requirements. Many students already have an iPad at home and we are happy for students to use their existing iPads. The one consideration for families who already have an iPad is that the iPad will need to be reset to factory settings and the student will need their own Apple ID for education purposes.

“What kind of iPad can my child use?”


The student's iPad will need to be running the latest version of iOS and be at least a 32GB capacity for school use, however, a larger model is preferred.

iPad Minis can no longer be part of our 1:1 program due to NAPLAN online requirements.

The minimum iPad requirement includes all full sized iPads from iPad 3 and onwards.

"Can my child use my Apple ID to download apps?"


It is not recommended that students use an existing Apple ID for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that students need access to the password to enable them to download apps and books that may be needed in class. Often students find free apps that suit the tasks set in class or teachers might require students to download free books for lessons.

“How will the iPad be used in the classroom?”


At St Hilda's School, the iPad or any other piece of technology are seen as learning tools that are there to support the curriculum. Students will use the devices to complete tasks that have been prepared and directed by their teachers. Students will not use their iPads while unsupervised nor will the iPads be used to play games.


"Does my child require a 4G model iPad?”


The school has a comprehensive wifi network and internet filter system that students connect to. Most families also have wifi internet at home, therefore, a wifi only model is adequate.


"Will the students use the iPads all of the time?"


No. Students will not use their iPads for every single task while at school. The iPad will be used as a learning tool along with other existing tools that are available at school. Teachers plan and deliver a range of lessons that require different tools, the iPad is just one of them.


"How much does my child need to use their iPads at home for homework?"


The level of homework given to students will vary depending on a range of factors, however, your child should not need to use their iPad for homework purposes for more than an hour a night. If you feel as though your child is spending too much time on their iPad for homework tasks, please feel free to check the homework task with their teacher.


"What if I need to take away the iPad as a punishment?"


We understand that the iPad can be used as a motivational tool at home and that there may be times when the iPad might have to be removed from the student. In these cases, please send a note to your child's teacher to inform them and negotiate an arrangement that allows the student to complete work at school. The school will be happy to assist and support parents in this matter.