Every girl from Years 4 to 9 brings their own iPad to school every day. We provide a list of educational Apps that need to be loaded to the iPad on our website; and the vast majority of our textbooks are in eBook form specifically for the iPad. We also have an extensive range of online materials available from our renowned iTunes U site and our Blackboard LMS.


What makes our program unique is its personal nature. The iPad belongs to the girls, and as such they can load any of their personal materials onto it, in addition to their school applications. They can express their personality by their choice of covers and colours. We trust the girls to responsibly manage their school and personal lives on their iPad; and we role model sensible digital behaviour as we prepare the St Hilda’s graduates for the 21st century. Girls in Years 7 to 12 are able to have their smart phone in class, and we trust them to act responsibly with this device as well.