St Hilda's@Home

The St Hilda's@Home program provides online learning tools via the free application, iTunes U.  Foundation Boarding features this unique online program, which begins for pre-entry Year 5 students and continues throughout Year 6 and 7. The free service offers a smooth transition from home to boarding and a window to St Hilda’s outstanding staff and curriculum.  The program has also been extended to day girls by supporting their entry to the School.


To assist in the smooth transition to St Hilda’s School, a number of iTunes U courses and interactive iBooks have been developed to support students with their studies.  Year 6 Foundation Boarders and pre-entry students have access to an iTunes U course that provides them with support material and video tutorials to assist with homework preparation and classroom studies.  The boarders are able to email the Head of St Hilda’s@Home personally to request video tutorials, support materials, links to useful websites and YouTube clips so that when concepts are covered in class, they are able to use the many self-help lessons available.  The girls are encouraged to provide feedback so that they are presented with opportunities to work towards improving learning outcomes.  


Students at St Hilda’s School learn via these courses everyday. They are encouraged to create many of the videos that form the content of the courses and also work with interactive tasks, via widgets that contain quizzes and learning activities.  Furthermore, students are able to interact with multi-touch workbooks and collaborative workflows where they submit, receive feedback from, and respond to, both their teacher and fellow students.  In turn, improve their understanding and skills and the ability to present their learning in a way that involves contemporary technology.  


‘The strategic use of technology equips all those within the learning community with skills that are necessary to participate successfully in an ever-changing global society as responsible digital citizens’ (Digital Innovation Team, St Hilda’s Junior School, 2015).